Now helping to educate thousands of Student Radiographers worldwide!

SimXray is a computer simulated x-ray machine with all the attributes of a functional x-ray machine;  except for the radiation, patient, machine, film, chemicals, processor, and supervisor.

New Features include:

Screen capture of Exposure Window  exposurewholesmall.jpg - 10kb  1024 x 768

SimXray produces centimeter measurements of the body parts selected.

SimXray greatly reduces the expense of training technologists by allowing students to practice radiographic technique manipulation on the computer.

SimXray when used as a classroom media tool, faithfully demonstrates the radiographic effects of manipulating technical factors, screens, grids, and patient thickness.

Users may select an examination of their choice, picking from among
Users may manipulate mA (and Focal Spot Size), mSec, kVp, SID, OFD, Grid, and Screen Speed in an attempt to match the "ideal" set of technical factors to produce the best radiographic image.

SimXray faithfully reproduces the effects of  technique manipulation upon the image. Grey scale, contrast, density, resolution and magnification are exactly as expected. Also includes calculated patient radiation exposure in mRem.