Exit back to Title Window Radiation is Dangerous Calculated Exposure relative to Factors selected Calculated % Density compared to Ideal Select Grids from None through 16:1 Screen speeds from None through 800 and Min-R Can be used as Centimeters or Inches Can be used as Centimeters or Inches Select kVp values from 20 through 150 mAs appears following the Exposure Select mSec from 1 to 5000 Select values from 25 to 1250 with S, L and X-Large Focal Spots Thumbnails for easy image selection and comparison Increase or Decrease density +/- 25% Select 1, 2 or all 3 Fields Provides a Black Mask around the image Click to engage Magnification of ANY image Click to Initiate Exposure (Image Processing) Patient Thickness may be selected for Average or Random Select from over 100 projections Large Image Viewing Window Tabs to Select Images