Axial and Coronal slices of the skull are presented, in which the student may explore and learn 3-dimensional locations and relationships of the anatomical structures of the skull.
Students use the mouse pointer to locate and identify features. 195 anatomical labels enable students to identify and understand the relationship of structures.

Moving the mouse cursor over the numbered items produces the corresponding text answer
Over 185 exam items help students test their skills at identifying anatomical features in each of the selected slices in both Axial and Coronal orientations.
System Requirements
computer processor: Pentium
processing speed: 300 mHz or better
RAM:  128 Mb
display: VGA (800 x 600)
display colors: True Color (24 bit)
monitor: 15" or larger
other: Flash 6 (installer supplied)
    Netscape 6 or
    Internet Explorer 6
Order: Skull-CT 1.0 (Windows only)
(Includes a 30 unit Site License)
$ 349 USD
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